Lipstick Corporate Order and Gifts with Fully Customized Design for Hong Kong


What can be fun and unique regarding corporate order gifts, wedding gifts, or any special event gifts serving Hong Kong’s local markets?

On such short notice, how can you fully customize your corporate branding needs so that any customized corporate order gifts can deliver in less than ten days?

At Out of Colours, we provide fully customized lipsticks, guaranteeing a unique corporate order gift or a seasonal gift experience for your loyal customers catered to Hong Kong or international corporations and brands. We have also collaborated with local home-grown Hong Kong brands looking for corporate order gifts and individuals looking for that special event gifts to awe their guests.


Customizing your lipstick as a gift can be made on any of the following occasions:

  • Corporate Order Gifts
  • Brand Launch Gifts
  • F&B New Restaurant Launch Gifts
  • Christmas or Other Seasonal Gifts
  • Wedding Favours Gifts
  • Birthday Party Gifts

Customisation Lipstick Gift

Undoubtedly, customized lipstick is a unique choice for your gifting ideas. Based on any quantity without a minimum order, we can work on the design with you and deliver your gifts in not more than ten working days.

For any inquiries about our corporate order or special event gifts in Hong Kong, please email us at

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