Our Store at Mira Place 1 is now officially open!

Have fun customising your bespoke lipstick!

Hong Kong’s FIRST lip lab!
We want you to come in, be bold and have fun. Define your lipstick colour, finish and scent. Create your customise lipstick that celebrates your individuality!

Lipstick Couture Experience


Lip Couture Experience

Create you custom lipstick!

4 simple steps to create your personalized lipstick!

HKD$ 320

per person

Host a party

Fun Steps

Step 1

Select Your Finish

Step 2

Select Your Colour

Step 3

Select your Scent

Step 4

Personalise Your Lipstick

Is it difficult to create a lipstick? Do I need to complete the entire process independently?

Don’t worry! It’s totally fuss-free! Lip Couture experience only has 4 simple steps. Our Colour Specialist will guide and assist you throughout the process.

How many texture do you have?

We are offering 3 finishing – Hydra Matte, Butter Crème and SheerAir. We provide disposable lip cotton swabs for customers to try on each colour and/or textures.

Is Hydra Matte lipstick dry on the lips?

No, we got rid of everything you don’t like in matte lipsticks! Our Hydra Matte is enriched with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, specially designed for Asian lips. You may choose to add more active ingredients for a more moisturizing texture in store.

Are your lipsticks organic?

Our lipsticks contain organic ingredients such as Shea butter. With our huge selection of colours, our lipsticks can’t 100% organic.

Where are your ingredients from?

We handpicked the best raw material suppliers around the world such as Sophim (France) and Vitae Natural (AU). SheerAir is our natural selection finishing, where the ingredients are sourced from COSMOS grade and ECOCERT grade natural farm.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not! We do not test any of our ingredients or finished products on animals.

Are your lipsticks safe? Are your lipsticks gluten free?

Our lipsticks formula has passed the toxicity test of Vitargent Biotechnology using zebrafish embryo and medaka. It shows that they are free of acute toxicity, chronic toxicity and estrogen. Our lipsticks are also gluten-free.

Can I cancel or change my Lip Couture appointment?

Yes, of course! You may make changes to your appointment 24 hours before your booking date online or give us a call at our specific store.

Can I walk in for Lip Couture experience?

To ensure that our customers can enjoy a complete and joyful experience, we highly recommend customers to make an appointment beforehand. We do give priority to those who make reservations, but also welcome walk-in customers when seats are available.

I don’t have time for Lip Couture Experience. Can I buy customised lipstick on the spot?

Yes, of course! Our TST store offer off the shelf lipsticks for you to pick and go! Don’t forget to add on personalisation as a gift or a treat for yourself.


Does your lipstick expire?

Lipstick expires in 12 months after opening.

I am very interested in Out of Colours.

We are open to any business opportunity discussion or collaboration. Please email your enquiry at hello@outofcolours.com

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OUT OF COLOURS is redefining the world of beauty by introducing unlimited colours customisation to beauty. We encourage you to be the trendsetter. Everyone is different – and we should be proud! It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and showcase your personality at OUT OF COLOURS.